Customer Care

Care & Cleaning Instructions

The tags are metal so they will tarnish and gain a natural patina and aged look. As with anything your dog wears, their tags require some maintenance. You can keep them looking new with some simple steps.

1. Mild soap and water along with fine steel wool and/or a polishing pad can be used to clean the natural patina off your tag. (Steel wool is fantastic)  Avoid using harsh cleaners or chemicals on your tag.  A toothbrush and soap and water work great.

2. If the letters or numbers lose their dark coloring and are not as easy to see, you can color in the letters and numbers with a black Sharpie marker. Once you've done that, use fine steel wool and/or polishing pad to clean off any excess Sharpie marks and polish the tag.

We send Care Instruction cards along with every order.